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Creating Space Just Got Easier

a structure of cantilever racking

Industry Storage Solutions

In today’s economic climate, space can be at a premium if your business model requires that you have to store goods on the premises until such time as they are shipped out to clients or sites. a structure of cantilever rackingSolutions are wide and varied, but ultimately come down to how you plan to store and distribute the goods that you sell, and how often (if your business requires it) you need to rotate stock. An industry standard solution to this is racking, this comes in many forms, from cantilever to drive in pallet racking, all these configurations are designed to help you make the most of what space you have to work with.

Cantilever Racking & Other Available Configurations

There are many types of racking out there available to help provide you with the storage space you need to be able to stock and supply your business or provide for your clients needs. Among the many types of configurations out there are the highly utilised cantilever racking available from stockists , this mainly consists of a beam that is only connected at the one end only, this enables access for fork lift trucks to be able to raise and place loads onto the supported beams. This type of racking is mainly used for the storage of bulky goods, such as plaster boards or piping, this configuration is popularly used at DIY centres. Another highly utilised configuration is the gravity flow racks, this a first in first out (FIFO) management system. This is an ideal solution to where the products stored have a shelf life and need to be accessed accordingly, such as food or equipment that needs to be shipped in accordance with consumer demands e.g the latest television.

Increased Productivity

These solutions offer up many possibilities to increase your productivity, when increasing your floor space is not an option then the only obvious option is to increase your storage space. Pallet racking is a great solution that is used across many industries for many applications. If space is becoming a concern and the need to expand is a rising concern, racking should be the one option to truly explore.